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THIS WEEK ONLY <3 Hey Babes, we guest-edited the September Fashion issue of interruptmag alongside lordeinc! ~*Supporting the project gets you rad gifts like posters, shoes, and raffle prizes*~ even $1, $5 is accepted no lie. (Money goes back to the contributors and designers who donated their time to the project!)

Features will be dropping all week, with conscious style guides, alt inclusive shoots, and documenting young crews in oakland, net artists, and we’ll be taking over interrupt mag’s instagram to rep our favorite independent local designers! Lets #interruptnyfw and give an alternative to the Vogue september issue!

WE OUT HERE MOTHER DAUGHTER TAG TEAM BETWEEN ART|TECH PROGAMS #browniefromtheshahr #nomatterwhereigoiknowwhereicamefrom #la #notactuallyfromthere

WE OUT HERE MOTHER DAUGHTER TAG TEAM BETWEEN ART|TECH PROGAMS #browniefromtheshahr #nomatterwhereigoiknowwhereicamefrom #la #notactuallyfromthere

Cucumber, faloodeh, rose &amp; saffron pistachio - THIS SPOT IS ACTUALLY CALLED GOLOBOLBOL #icecream #bastani #rosewater #westwood

Cucumber, faloodeh, rose & saffron pistachio - THIS SPOT IS ACTUALLY CALLED GOLOBOLBOL #icecream #bastani #rosewater #westwood


Through a twitter chain of retweets and likes, I found Lyndsey Scott’s concise twitter bio to be kind of epic, “Model, actress, app developer.” These photos taken from her portfolio site show just how much breadth there is in her skills department- MAD BREADTH. It’s awesome to see people out there succeeding with a combined emphasis on mainstream participation and alternative subversion. We love what she’s doing, and hope to learn more about what she’s developing!

G-Star - RAW for the Oceans

G-Star just dropped a new line of denim that is made of “bionic yarn” aka recycled plastic found in the ocean. This page does a great job describing the process, the creative collaboration with Pharrell, and why it’s important to take care of our neglected natural resources. Filing this one under #InterruptNYFW !

Outtakes from our new exhibit "BODY TERRAINS"  on konversation.

We’re getting topobiographical with this biopic/nature doc explorating land forms on body forms, and the way they are positioned, read, used, and the stories and histories they hold. Featuring linework from lostboy, and models Fanciulla and Selam Bekele, this conceptual voyage will turn your eyes on their sides, in search of a new present.

—> Check out the installation

We asked y’all which creators  inspire you these days, and one response we got was, Sabina England- an awesome poet and videographer who just so happens to be deaf, desi, muslim, and a rad woman aka deaf brown girl. Here’s what contributor Mohini Hewa has to say about her work:

When emotion goes beyond words and explode through imagery, when
the beautiful but terrifying experience of life is expressed through
a gaze, through gestures, a smile or a frown. When languages cross borders and sit in a circle, all together, sharing a moment and uniting under the same name.

It is the whisper of the wind, the sunbeam that caresses your cheek and bring you back to a time of innocence and naive learning, the name that comes to my mind is Sabina. The gracious dance of purity emanating from my screen and tenderly hugging me.

It is visual poetry for the senses.

- Mohini Hewa

P.S. Not only were geeked to see that she was performing alongside Aparna Nancherla for Be(com)ing Desi party for the Smithsonian by Subcontinental Drift earlier this year, but Sabina’s latest video, deaf brown girl features sound design by our own Bay Area artist, Micropixie

~Brownz on brownz on brownz~

#INTERRUPTNYFW - Fashion & Jewelry by Natalie Ebaugh

We love nothing more than meeting awesome creators in our own town, and it all starts from something as little as complimenting a girl’s necklace at a bar and finding out her friend, Natalie Ebaugh, created and named the whole jewelry line after her Armenian grandmother, Siranoush. Taking on shapes we may expect to see in all metal from back in the day, we loved the balance of Natalie’s *hand sculpted and sanded* beads with the colorful string. For the love of neon, I had to internet-stalk. Turns out Natalie also created this AMAZING fashion line, Tude Krewthat uses her favorite pop music trends from the 80s and 90s as a jump point to explore pattern, quilting, and found fabrics. Overall, we’re totally impressed with the way these pieces are a fun pop take on some classic silhouettes and shapes. So happy to know about this one!

Peep the sites, hit her up, hit us up, happy #tbt, and #interruptnyfw!

Real Time Facial Projection Mapping. Artist Nobumichi Asai uses a human cgi mapping model. Imagine a world of sims or defying facial recognition tools. What can a few markers tell us about a face? SCI FI REALITY FTW. In the meantime, I’d love to see what boychild would come up with using such technology in a performance.